Lubricant Additives

Industrial Additives

Our industrial gear additive technologies are designed to provide very high performance against the critical pieces of your equipment, minimizing gear pitting, spalling, and scoring. Recommended for use in mineral and synthetic blends, our technology has proven performance in wind turbines, drivetrains and other industrial equipment. Through our international partnerships, Tulstar is prepared to provide a very high-quality and proven alternative to conventional sourcing.


Tulstar now offers HIPER 360 gear oil package. This product exhibits excellent solubility in a variety of base stocks, including synthetics. The superior quality will enable formulation of high end products for multiple industrial applications. HIPER 360 meets and exceeds performance specifications of API GL4, API GL5, MT-1, US224 DIN 51517 Part III.


Depending upon your needs, Tulstar can provide you with a range of base components that are used in crankcase and industrial applications. Our portfolio includes a range of detergents, anti-wear, dispersants, and pour point depressants.